M6 Junctions 16-19 SMART Motorway


The problem statement

On the M6 Junctions 16-19 SMART Motorway project, drainage pipes were coming to the end of their design life. In several locations, the proposed changes to the highway still required the same order of pipe diameters as existed previously.

There are various methods to extend the life of pipework including:

  • Installing new pipework in trenches
  • Lining the pipework
  • Installing new pipework by trenchless methods

The team were facing three options:


Like-for-like replacement


Extend the life of the current pipework


New pipework installation using trenchless methods.

de5ign: be curious about what you have to offer

It would have been easy to reach a solution which we'd done countless times before. We could probably use an off the shelf design.

The design team instead, decided to challenge the norm.